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Christmas Dog Ornaments

Christmas Dog Ornaments Photo used under Creative Commons from Stephanie Clifford

On this page you will find Dog Christmas Ornaments for sale including black dog, Boxer, Multiple dog, Collie, German Shepherd, Yellow Lab, Black Lab, Bull, Rat and Airedale Terrier, Yorkshire, Golden Retriever, Beagle, Dachshund, Boxer, French and pink poodle, Border Collie plus laser engraved, Maltese and more.

The Christmas season is right around the corner and it is time to think about what you want on your tree. Most of us love our dogs and would like to see figurines or photos of them on the tree too. They might be in a picture decoration or something that shows our favorite breed of dog.

My favorite canine is the Collie so that is the second one you will see here. The top photo is of a yellow Lab and thy make great pets too. I never had one my self but I have had German Shepherds Pomeranians and more.

For those who are looking for a hand clay type there are a couple to choose from. Either you want an ornament made from clay and handmade or else you want something that you can put a paw print in. The regular baby hand and foot kits would work for this. You just use your pups paw to make an impression in the clay.

Christmas Dog Ornaments (all breeds)

Airedale Ornaments

Beagle Ornaments

Black Lab Ornaments

Boston Terrier Ornaments

Bulldog Ornaments

Collie Ornaments

German Shepherd Ornaments

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I really like this one. (photo removed) The boxer is siting patiently waiting for the presents to open. The lights from the tree are reflecting on his body. He must be made from glass or some type of tin. It would be nice to find your dog's breed in this type of decoration.

Christmas can be an exciting time even for your pets. They sense the excitement in the air and might be a little hyper on the big day. It is fun to include your pet in the festivities and getting them a treat and maybe a decoration can add to the enjoyment. The treat will be what your canine is most happy with. The decoration will be for your own sake and something to remember your best furry friends for years after.

These are made from lace (also removed photo) and would look nice on your tree. Homemade decorations are fun to make and have more sentiment then something you might buy at a store.

The pets in our household who loved Christmas the most were the cats. They would play with all the pretty stuff and try to climb that strange tall woody plant that had just sprouted up in our living room. One time they knocked it over in their enthusiasm. We spent a lot of time teaching them to leave it alone but it was sure temping to them

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