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When and How Will the World End Cobra Natural Cures for Disease Kit Car Dodge Coronet

Dodge Dart Cobra 1970 1971 Dodge Challenger Kit Car How to Beat Depression

Cobra Kit Cars

Cobra Kit Cars Photo used under Creative Commons from blastpaintrestore

Cobra Kit Cars for Sale

The cheapest way to get a high-end car is to buy a kit or replica car. Depending on your budget you can get a kit that has all the parts that you then put together or if your budget isn't that high you can get the plans and make each part as you can and spend years making the vehicle of your dreams.

Kits come in all sizes and will fit most any dream of owning a car that your friends and neighbors will envy. Many will get a replica of a famous or classic vehicle and once the project is finished will have something that will attract attention whenever they drive it.

The Cobra is a British classic and is called the AC there and Ford Shelby here in the United States.

This sporty two seater is a joy to drive and will satisfy your thrill seeker experiences. Imagine the wind blowing through your hair as you cruise through the countryside with the top down and sitting at your side is your best friend

You should find steel body, turnkey, blackwell kits and replicas on this page besides some great ideas as well.

Cobra Kit Cars and Parts

Cobra Kit Cars (all types)

Cobra Kit Car Parts


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This reminds me of a great auto show story. The story isn't true but it sounds like it would be interesting.

One day a man named John was checking out the local vehicle show. He wandered from one display to another admiring all the great classics that he saw. As he continued to see all these beautiful shiny autos the urge to drive one of them gradually crept up upon him. The urge became so powerful that he just knew he had to give in. It probably would have been best if he had dismissed the temptation and headed for home but instead he entertained it until he convinced himself that he would do it if he found a way.

There in front of him was a shinny red 427 Ford Cobra. The hood was up and no one seemed around. Casually wandering over for a closer look he was surprised to see the keys in the ignition. This was his chance. Giving a quick look around to make sure no one was noticing he casually slid into the drivers seat and started it up. Trying to appear as nonchalance as he could he slowly put it in gear and headed over the green grass to a side gravel road where the traffic was coming and going. Joining the cars leaving the show he continued on. The gravel road soon ended and he was on the main road leaving town.

With great joy he gunned the motor and off he went. The wind tossed his hair and the feeling was indescribable joy. Here he was in a dream car and no one saw him leave.

He continued on for about an hour until the excited feeling started to drain. As with most temptations once the initial excitement wears off the guilt then sets in and the joy turns to ashes.

Suddenly realizing what he had done he knew he would be facing a jail term for grand theft auto. So what was he to do. The desire to go back in time quickly overtook the original urge that he had to drive one of these beauties.

John knew the police were probably looking everywhere for him now so what was he to do?

He knew the area really well and a memory of a back entrance to the show came to mind. Driving in a round about way he quickly hurried back. Maybe he could return the car and no one would notice.

As he approached the show from the back entrance he noticed that there were lights flashing ahead. Slowing down he came to where he was hidden from the main event and parked under some trees. A new plan came to mind. After turning off the engine and leaving the keys in the car he got out and locked all the doors.

Happily no one had passed him during all this as this back way was not being used very much. But now hearing the rumble of a vehicle coming he dashed behind some bushes. Peering out he saw a police vehicle coming down the road toward him.

As the cruiser stopped by the stolen Cobra he slowing made his way back through the trees. He circled around until he came to an opening and could see the auto show behind a fence. Walking along the fence he found a place where he might be able to squeeze under. Ripping his pants and shirt from the wire he managed to make it through the fence and dusted himself off.

Now he casually walked through the displays again and soon joined a group of spectators who were watching the car he had just stolen being driven back with a police escort. The owner must have had a second set of keys and it looked like everything was all right now.

With great relief he headed toward the parking lot to find his old beater of a car and head for home. He knew that his fingerprints were probably all over the 427 Cobra but he had never been in any trouble before so they were not on record. However they would be in the data banks now and if he ever had his prints taken in the future he would be gotten for car theft. He was very fortunate that he was able to return the car, but this was an extremely close call. Now if he ever got into trouble he would be found out so he determined in his mind that next time temptation beckoned him he would run for his life.

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