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Paul Detlefsen Prints

Paul Detlefsen Canvas Prints Paul Detlefsen Canvas Art Artwork Prints

Paul Detlefsen is a loved artist who paints beautiful pictures of the good old days when things were much simpler and life slower.

Saturated in lush colors with children playing, horses pulling wagons, and sunny neighborhoods that makes you want to step into each scene.

Paul Detlefsen was born in Copenhagen, Denmark on October 3, 1899. He attended and studied art at the Art Institute of Chicago, Illinois. He enjoyed art and painting and his first published...see more below

Paul Detlefsen Canvas Prints

Paul Detlefsen Signed Prints


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work was a calender in 1951 which had pictures of beautiful landscape scenes. People soon discovered his work and his art soon became popular and were reproduced in a line of calenders and prints.

He tried his hand at cartoons in Hollywood but soon found that he enjoyed creating backdrops and murals for films. He later changed his focus to calendar artwork. His paintings were used in calendars, puzzles, playing cards, mats for tables and many other items.

This artist is known among famous artists for his unique style and memories of the good old days and his use of bright red in most all of his paintings. He desired to use bright primary colors that depicted a cheery scene rather than drab dark colors.

He loved to paint pictures of farm scenes with children happily playing out in the sunshine. Trains, wagons, horses, barns and scenes from days gone by are what he was passionate about. His paintings became popular among all ages and are have held their popularity today.

He lived in California with his wife Shelly and continued to paint until his death in August 1986.

If you want a picture to hang on your wall that is colorful, relaxing and nostalgic then you are on the right page. I have a very large print of Paul Detlefsen's on my wall in my living room that I recently acquired.

I have been surprised at how many people enjoy this print and make comments about it. I was lucky to find it at a second hand store in mint condition. There is a photo of it a little way down the page. It is becoming more difficult to find his prints out in the market so I decided to create a page dedicated to his prints.

So I hope that you check out this page and find just the right print for your home.

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