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Dogwood Trees

Dogwood Trees Public Domain Photo

Flowering Dogwood Trees and Seeds for Sale

Information and the legend of the Dogwood. The Flowering Dogwood is a beautiful tree that flourishes in the native outdoors. You can find this tree in the eastern half of the United States. When ever you are out walking the white blooms will grace your senses. Now you can get them in a variety of colors and sizes.

The Dogwood tree usually grows to about 33 feet (10 m) and is wider than its height. The flowers come in white, pink or red. The wild variety is white with the other colors being cultivated by humans to enhance this beautiful tree. By fall the flower turns into a fruit that wild birds love to eat.

Sometimes when driving you can see a carpet of white blooms covering the hillsides during the spring months.

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Dogwood Trees

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You can understand why this beautiful tree is loved for its pretty colors and why they can be found in yards all over the world. Once you have this tree you probably will want to plant a whole roll of them to beautiful your yard..

The Dogwood tree does best in moist acidic soil. It is also good to have some shade during part of the day. It doesn't like a lot of heat and isn't a good tree to plant in or beside a parking lot.

Dogwood trees can easily be grown from seed. The growing rate is close to 100% when the seeds are properly prepared. To prepare the dogwood seeds to grow first keep them in the refrigerator for 90 to 120 days. The temperature should be kept around 39 F (4 C) This will mimic winter conditions and bring the seed out of dormancy.

The Legend of the Dogwood is that the wood of the cross that Jesus was crucified on was from a dogwood tree. It is said (not in the Bible and is just a legend) that Jesus decided that this tree would never be used as a cross again. So he changed the tree so that it would never grow big enough to be used in this manner again. The Dogwood flower would bear the marks of the Crucifixion. The pedals have brown marking on the tips of the flower, which represents the blood and the center of the flower is the thorny crown. This tree is to remind us of Christ's great and wonderful sacrifice that he made for us all.

On this page you will find many varieties of trees and seed to choose from. Including the white, pink, red, Japanese, Golden Shadows, Hosher, Red Twig, Red Osier, Silky, Silverleaf, Yellow Twig, Pagoda, Chinese, Majick, Kousa, energy and more. Tree disease. Information on growing and planting, desease and pictures.

I got to know these when I was a child living in Tennessee. These trees were common and we found them growing wild in the woods. Behind out home were several acres of woods and we loved to explore and look for creatures and plants of interest. We have many fond memories of this home.

I remember one of the first rains I experienced in Tennessee. The rains in Oregon were usually cold but this rain was warm and I ran outside and danced around in the rain like it was a shower. The downside to the rain was the thunderstorms. The thunder would scare me and many times I would hide under my bed when they struck. Even to this day I don't like to be outside in a thunderstorm and will plug my ears if they become loud. It doesn't help that I live in Wisconsin now and here we have many thunderstorms through out the warmer months that can be quite severe.

On a side note I remember as a child having a dream. It seemed that it was stormy outside and I woke to see an angel sitting on a chair across the room from me. On his lap was a white robe. This dream has given me encouragement as I got older. In my mind the angel was holding the robe that would be given to me if I stayed faithful to God. It isn't hard. God is holding onto my hand and I have to take my hand out of His and run away to be lost.

A Tall Tale

1995 was a tough year and I needed to make a payment on the house this month and just needed $200.00 more to cover it. But because of unexpected expenses I could not come up with it no matter how much we cut from the budget. We lived in a beautiful wooded area where there were many dog wood trees and this gave me an idea. Going out in the forest I found many baby trees that were only about a foot tall. Digging them out I put them in pots until I had about 25 of them.

The road out in front wasn't to busy but there was enough traffic to hopefully sell my trees. I put up a large sign by the road and sitting myself close by under a nice shade tree I patiently waited.
A couple of cars went by when one slowed down and parked beside me. I was excited as I showered the driver all the plants and how much they were. She bought 4 of them. I was thrilled as I pocketed the money and saw her on her way. Hopefully this would continue. About 30 minutes later someone else stopped and bought two. This continued all day until I sold my last one at about 5:30.

My house was now paid for another month. This wasn't something I could do everyday because I would quickly run out of plants but if this trouble happened again I could probably do this a couple more times. But for now everything was all right.

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Web Programmer
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