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Unique Birdhouses

Hanging Western Covered Wagon Birdhouse

Birdhouses for Sale. Decorative, Wooden, Fancy Birdhouses. Birdhouse plans, designs, kit, building plans and How to Build a Bird house. Creative, Unusual, Whimsical, Rustic, Barnboard Bird houses. Birdhouse Gourds and Modern, Novelty, Victorian plus Purple Martin Bird house. Humming bird house and so many other types of Birdhouses that they all can't be listed here. Come and see.

I live in the country and I love to see the birds. I have several birdhouses and bird feeders around my yard and I have seen and identified about 20 different birds nesting and feeding. It is so exciting when I can add new birds to my list.

I noticed that the Goldfinch nest close to the ground so I have to keep my two cats in the house most of the time. I keep close track of them when they do go out because unfortunately there is nothing the cats like more than the birds. A few years ago, my cats would bring young goldfinch they had killed and lay them by the door for me to see. So after that, they became indoor cats.

Noah's Ark Birdhouse

If you want to have birds all winter and have the migratory ones come back each year, such as the purple martins, it is wise to get multi-house purple martin houses along with wren houses, bluebird houses and regular houses.

The best material for bird houses is wood. Of course, gourds are especially good also as they are roomy and the birds love them. These birdhouses should be such that you can open them and clean them. Also they should have holes in the bottom of them so waste and water can drain out.

There is a good variety of bird houses to choose from. Some are very colorful and not only will attract the birds but will beautify your yard. It may take a while for the birds to check out the houses before they will start to nest in them. The first spring when I put up a wren house, it wasn't until later that they started to occupy it. Birds are usually a little cautious.

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Many Unique Birdhouses Here

Unique Birdhouses

Novelty Birdhouses

Unusual Birdhouses

Fancy Birdhouses

Log cabin Birdhouses

Victorian Birdhouses

Birdhouses (all types)

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If you want to keep the birds around, it is necessary to keep the feeders full of food. The birds, especially in the winter when their food source is scarce.

When I was on my way back to the U.S. from Africa, I stopped by and visited friends in Recife (Pernambuco) Brazil. My friends took me to many different interesting places like Corcovado, the Butterfly Farm; and Brasilia, the Capitol of Brazil, where there is only underground parking, etc. The food was oh so delicious especially the breakfasts where they had an abundance of fresh, VINE RIPENED fruit---oh, to die for.

The most interesting was the Hummingbird Farm where there were thousands of hummingbirds with very colorful feeders. It sounded so musical with their wings continually flapping. There was no need to keep these birds enclosed as this was their permanent home--with all that colorful food available. It is like a sedative to be around the peaceful birds flitting here and there. God is so Good and Loving to give us all these extras to make life so enjoyable.

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