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Free Box Kite Plans

Free Box Kite Patterns and Plans. How to build or make a box kite.
Free design plan for your box kite construction. Instructions for making Box Kites.
Square or planes, Cody box kites.

There are box kite patterns and plans at the links below. Plus how to make instructions in the videos farther down this page. These should give you a start to flying these colorful kites.

Box kites are know for being high performance flyers. They get really lofty and you need to watch out for low flying aircraft. They have broken altitude records and to get up that high you can't rely on a string to hold them but must have something stronger. The cord holding the large high performance kites are usually made form oiled silk, cable or linen.

The one shown here in this photo is the typical kind you can buy anywhere. The larger ones can be found in a specially store, Internet or made by hand.

How to Make and Fly Them

An Australia man, Lawrence Hargrave was the first one to have ever flown one and that was in 1893. Since then the sport has become popular and it is common to see them at kite shows.

These high altitude flyers were one of the first spy in the skies and was used in WWII to discover enemy positions. One could be used to carry a camera that would show what was around for miles.

As a child I made many kites and would find some light straight sticks and put them in a V or cross design. Cover the frame with paper, usually newspaper, add a tail from whatever I could find. Even toilet paper would work and my invention would take off. My siblings and I got really good at this craft. Our kites would go up pretty far and I don't remember ever buying one.

Commissions Earned

Here are the Free Box Kite Plans

Box Kites - 1 line - Kite Plan Base (KPB)

Box Kite Plans - Complete Instructions for the MBK Box Kites

Check these Out

The photo shown above is of a winged box kite. It is being readied to fly. From what you see in the picture it looks like it will be flown in a festival or show.

This photo above makes me want to get out there right now and fly one of these. The person taking the picture is laying on the ground in order to get the right shot that shows
the one flying it plus the kite in the sky.

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