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Garden Windmills

Garden Windmills Garden and lawn windmills for sale. These include wooden, metal, Dutch, plans and kits.

Where I live there is someone who collects the full size ones. These attract people from all around to check out his collection.

The bigger windmills can be expensive so the smaller ones are much more appropriate for smaller spaces like your garden or lawn. If you want something that will have a workable function, these smaller ones can be set up to do something like powering up smaller devices or even pump water for your lawn.

Our neighbor has a windmill. It was used to pump the water from the well. Now they use electricity to pump the water but I think they should have set it up so they could switch back and forth, as they need. If there is a power outage the wind driven water supply would save the day. So these lawn decor windmills can be just for fun or actually useful for something.

With all the increased natural disasters there is a need to be able to live off the grid.

The windmills on this lens are smaller decorative ones for the yard and garden. The blades turn and some even have solar lights for lighting at night.

On this page you will find decorative residential ones for yards and gardens. Once these were used to mill grain and the biggest development in their use was to bring up water from underground making it a great way to live off the grid during disaster or just to save on electricity.

The smaller ones are used for lawn and garden decorations and enhance any outdoor setting.

On this page you will find different kinds for sale. These always enhance your place no matter if you live in the country of city. If you have a little bit of lawn to place one on it will add nice decor to any setting.

These also make great gifts for the hard to buy for friend or relative.

Many Types of Garden Windmills Here

Garden Windmills (all types)

Wooden Garden Windmills

Metal Garden Windmills


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