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Lightning Rods

Lightning Rods Photo used under Creative Commons from mrlaugh

Lightning Rods for Sale

A lightning rod is placed on top of buildings or structures to protect them from lightning strikes.

A wire or some type of electrical conductor is attached to the rod that safety conducts the lightning to the ground. Without this protection the structure could catch fire.

Electronics are still vulnerable to lightning strikes even if they don't hit the building they are housed in. Close lightning can short out TV's and computers and other electronic devices and ruin them. So as a precaution unplug them during a thunderstorm.

Most everyone remembers the story about the kite and the key attached to the string in an experiment by Benjamin Franklin. He is the inventor of the lightning rod in 1749 so some lightning rods are called Franklin Rods. It would be great if someone could invent a way to catch all the energy from lightning strikes. It would power your house for a long time.

Lightning Rods Photo - Diagram of a simple lightning rod system - Photo License

There is a controversy over what is better. A lightning rod with a point or a ball at the top. In Britain they believe that a ball works better but in the United States the belief is that a point is actually better.

There isn't enough experiments that can be done to decide the best way since it is hard to predict where lightning will strike next. However there is a place near Christmas Valley Oregon where I have been told that lightning tends to strike repeatedly in one place making a hole in the rock. This might be the great place to set up an experiment.

On this page you will find lightning rods for sale including answered questions on how they work, installation, Ion, systems, assembly, shifter, Thompson, Hurst, Thonpson Lightening rod, insulator, conductors and more.

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Antique Lightning Rods


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