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When and How Will the World End 1969 Natural Cures for Disease dodge Dodge Coronet

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1969 Dodge Charger

1969 Dodge Charger Photo License

1969 Dodge Charger for Sale

The 1969 Dodge Charger was made famous through the television program, "The Dukes of Hazzard." This featured car was called "The General Lee" and the brothers Bo and Duke had adventures on every episode with fantastic car jumps and stunts. I have heard that at first the show used real cars but that got to be too expensive because most of the time they got wrecked in the stunts. (Another reason not to try these stunts at home.) So the show started to use model cars that could be wrecked and not ruin their budget.
The Confederate battle flag was painted on the top, which can be controversial today.
The photo here shows a copy of the car used in the show.

Chrysler produced the Dodge Charger and the first one came out in 1966. These cars were made until 1974 and are collector's items today. The ones that are restored and made to look like the General Lee can fetch a good price in eBay.

1969 Dodge Chargers and Parts

1969 Dodge Charger for Sale

1969 Dodge Charger Parts

Dodge Charger (all years)


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These vehicles are all fastbacks, which means the top slopes down toward the rear of the car giving it a sporty look. The 1969 Charger had a lot of nice features or stats like the coke bottle look to it from the center being more narrow then both ends of the car. The rear of the car has a spoiler and a grille that covers the full length of the front and has hidden headlights. It also has a divider down the middle of the front. The taillights are not full width and were round in shape.

The seats are full length and not the bucket type and there is vinyl in the trunk instead of the carpet found in earlier Chargers. 318 cu was the engine type and a package called the RT gave it added performance. Some Dodge Chargers were given stripes and called "Super Bees."

A Tall Tale
We live in the country and have a lot of logging roads to hike on. One time while out hiking we heard the noise of a vehicle coming and as usual to not attach unwanted attention we hid in the bushes along side of the road. Much to our amazement an exact replica of the General Lee came roaring by with a police car in hot pursuit. It seemed the show had come to life in our hiking area. Our attention was then caught by a group of people clustered about 100 yards up the road from us. We could see cameras set up and suddenly realized that it was a filming crew. However this was way past the time for the show, The Dukes of Hazzard, so what were they doing?
My husband and I decided to investigate and so came out of our hiding place and wandered up to the group. Someone came out to greet us and we asked what they were doing. Come to find out they were shooting a scene for a commercial adverting tires. It was quite interesting and we stood and watched for a couple of hours.

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