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Vintage Prairie Bonnets

Vintage Prairie Bonnets Vintage prairie bonnets from the pioneer days for sale. Find baby, Easter, Victorian, Civil War, graham bonnets and more. Plus Handkerchief baby bonnet patterns too. This page has a nice selection of prairie bonnets to choose from. Not only are these bonnets popular but they serve a practical purpose as well in keeping the sun off of your face and is the best anti aging there is.

It used to be women would not step out the door without putting her bonnet on.

Most women and children owned several bonnets, one for working around the house and yard, another for attending church, and one made from heavier fabric for winter wear.

The Easter Bonnet originated, when women would switch from their heavier winter bonnet to their cooler, lighter weight summer bonnet.

These are some of my bonnets that were hand made for a pioneer themed fall party that I recently attended.

Many Types of Bonnets Here

Vintage Prairie Bonnets

Victorian Bonnets

Pioneer Bonnets

Baby Bonnets

Handkerchief Baby Bonnet Patterns


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House bonnets worn by women and girls were generally brimless head coverings which were secured by tying under the chin. They were worn indoors, to keep the hair tidy, and outdoors, to keep dust out of the hair.

Not only were these attractive bonnets worn to town they were also worn outdoors when working in the garden or doing chores. They were very practical and when they were not needed they would hang loosely down the back.

Still a fun way to dress up and popular for theme parties for all ages.

I have several vintage and antique booths where I sell many different items. One of my more popular items that I have sold several of are vintage sun bonnets. I have mannequins that I display them on. They usually sell for around ten dollars.

Some Bonnets featured here are: Urban baby bonnets, bonnet patterns, bonnets for babies, bonnets for special occasions, bonnets for special occasions, fashion bonnets, how to make a bonnet, vintage bonnets, Victorian bonnets, pioneer bonnet and summer bonnets for kids.

Bonnets and babies just seem to go together and have remained a popular and practice article of clothing. Used for protection against the harsh sun, for warmth on windy and cold days, or even when the weather is at its best you will find babies adorned with cute little bonnets of all designs. .

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