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Airstream Bambi

Airstream Bambi Photo used under Creative Commons from dwstucke

Airstream Bambi for Sale.

The Airstream Bambi is the most compact of the Airstream travel trailers and gives you more in less space. The airstream is lightweight and made from all aluminum aircraft construction. The Bambi is smaller than the average trailer and can be pulled easily by a large car.
The sturdy construction of the Airstream Bambi can make it last for many generations if you keep it in good condition.

The Airstream is considered a luxury travel trailer among trailers and was first produced in the 1930's. The company was the only travel trailer company to survive the Depression because most people could not afford to travel. However the few that could afford it usually choose the Airstream because of its superior quality.

There are many Airstream clubs that get together and travel around the country. Folks that join these are called "Airstreamers." Older vintage Airstream travel trailers are popular to fix up and is a big hobby for many. Some parks are set aside for Airstreams only and Airstream enthusiasts can camp together and exchange ideas and show off their trailers.

On this page you will find them for Sale. Used 2006 Bambi campervan and more.

One of these campers could be used to live in if you are tired of the rat race and want to get off the track. The trick is to have an income that you can live on like what you can find here in Squidoo (with a lot of hard work) and then keep your expenses to a bare minimum.

A person can live on the road and spend maybe a couple months in each place. Moving too often can become a burden also. Move south in the winter and north in the summer.
Some people will let you park your RV on their property and let you use their water and shower for a price. This may be a cheaper then a park. No matter how you do it, it sounds like fun.

More Airstream Bambi for Sale

Airstream Bambi (all Models) bambi

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