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Yamaha V-Max

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Yamaha V-Max

Yamaha V Max information, Parts, Manuals,
(repair, service and shop manuals)
Yamaha V-Max for sale.

Yamaha V Max YAMAHA V MAX Parking Sign

The Yamaha V-Max or VMAX is a powerful 1200cc motorcycle with a V4 engine and unique styling. It has a quick acceleration but has been criticized for it poor ability to go around corners. For those who love this bike attention needs to be given when diving winding roads. This little trouble does not keep the Yamaha V Max from being the best selling Japanese motorcycle of all time.

The Yamaha V-Max got its beginnings in 1985 when Yamaha hired John Reed an English designer from California to design the best bike ever made. It worked, the Yamaha V max became an instant hit. It was proclaimed the "Bike of the Year" from the Cycle Guide magazine.

In 2005 the Yamaha VMax got an update with new chassis, components and state of the art braking system. The next upgrade came in 2008 with an all aluminum frame and liquid cooled engine, instrument panel with lectroluminescent readouts, anti lock brakes and more.

On this page you will find Yamaha VMAX motorcycles for sale plus service manuals and accessories. Yamaha V max 1200 available too.

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Yamaha V-Max for Sale

Yamaha V Max (All Years) 00

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Yamaha V-Max Manuals

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