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Novelty Clocks

Novelty Clocks Reverse Novelty Clock - Backwards Clock - Novelty Tells Time in Reverse!

Novelty Clocks for Sale

Novelty Clocks can be a conversation piece whenever you have guests. Clocks that have no numbers or look like something entirely different can add a special touch to any room. Why have something the same as everyone else when you can show off your uniqueness.

A Novelty Clock will still keep the time and inform you when you are late to an appointment but they are special in that they look so cool and different from the norm.

Clocks have always been needed and one of the oldest clocks is the sundial. It would be fun to have a Novelty sundial Clock in our home. This reminds me of one of the oldest clock stories that can be found in the Bible.

King Hezekiah was a good king that followed God. One day he became sick and the prophet Isaiah told him that the Lord said he would die from this illness. King Hezekiah was very distressed and cried tears to the Lord asking for healing. Our God is real loving and is moved by our sadness. The Lord sent the prophet back and told King Hezekiah that he would get well and was given 15 more years of life.

King Hezekiah wanted a sign that God would heal him and was told that the shadow on his sundial clock would go backward 10 degrees. The clock went backward giving assurance to the king and he would be made well. Sure enough after the prophet told him what to do he was healed. You can read the story in 2 Kings 20.

Below this article is a Novelty sundial clock that is a reproduction of the real thing and actually works.

On this page you will find Novelty clocks for sale including antique, Allen Design, miniature, childrens, New Haven, time zone, no numbers, radio manufacturer, carpenter, Junghans, Nebraska cornhuskers, bicycle, cast iron, Lux, Reverse, cat, wooden Novelty clocks and more.

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Novelty Clocks

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