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Maserati Cars for Sale. Maserati Torrent, Bora, Quattroporte, Cambriocorssa, mc 12, Granturismo
Models and more for Sale. Used Maserati Cambiocorsa, Car Parts, Manuals, Mistral, Ghibli, Sebring and more.

Maserati Cars for Sale Maserati Sebring, aka 3500 GTI S

Maserati is an Italian auto company that builds racing and sports cars. The company got its beginning in 1914 in the town of Bologna before moving to Modena. The emblem for Maserati is a trident, which was probably drawn by one of the Maserati brothers who was an artist. The Maserati cars are made for luxury and compete with the high class Aston, Jaguar and Mercedes Benz.

In 1937 the Maserati brothers sold their company shares to the Adolfo Orsi family who was the ones who relocated the company to the town of Modena. However even after selling their shares the brothers continued to do engineering for the Maserati Company. The Maserati cars continued to win races and were

Used Maserati Cambiocorsa, Car Parts, Manuals 1990 Chrysler Maserati Body, Chassis, Electrical Factory Shop Service Repair Manual Book with wiring diagrams schematics

the only Italian Auto Company to win the Indianapolis 500.
One of the most famous drivers to race for the Maserati company was Juan Manual Fangio from Argentina who had numinous victories including winning the world championship in 1957.

Maserati stopped racing after a tragedy on the racetrack where an accident claimed the lives of the driver and several spectators including five children. After this Maserati focused on mainly road cars and they continued to sell well.

Finally in 1968 the company was taken over by Citroen and then Alessandro de Tomaso in 1975. Fiat took over in 1993 until 1999 when Ferrari took ownership. Finally in 2005 Maserati was sold to Alfa Romeo under Fiat Auto where it is today.

On this page you will find Maserati cars for sale plus parts and service manuals. Also the Maserati carmaker, 250f, Bora, Ghibli, Granturismo, GT, Quatroporte, Indy, MC 12, Quattroporte, Spyder and more.

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Dear Maserati Fans,

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