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Home Machinists

Home Hobby Machinists. Information, tools and more.
Metal lathe. Mini lathe. CNC Lathe. Handbooks.
Instructions. Everything you need to set up
your own home machine shop.

Home Hobby Machinists. Home Machinists Handbook

A home machinist is someone who used machine tools to make parts from metal and sometimes used other materials like wood, plastic, rubber or glass. Most who do machining from home do it as a hobby but some can make products that they can sell and can work from home. The trick is to find a product that is sellable and then to market it. Examples could be medieval chainmail, metal tools, products or making dies. Combining the selling of steel and making special products for customers usually works really well for a small business.

The operations most used by the home machinist are milling, drilling, turning and grinding. Metal is shaped, cut or formed. CNC machines may be beyond the average home machinist budget but because of their speed, precision and flexibility could advance your business.

The tools most commonly used by the home machinist would be adjustable parallels, calipers, rules, scales, indicator tools and electronic measuring tools. Depending on your product you may need drilling, milling or turning machines.

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Home Machinists

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The tools used are classed into 6 categories. The first is measuring tools like adjustable parallels, plain calipers, rules, scales and vernier calipers. They also include the micrometer, indicator and electronic measuring tools.

The next category is hand tools, which may be similar to what a car mechanic might have in their toolbox. The third category is the machine tools. These include drilling, milling, turning and grinding machines. The lathe and mill are two of the most familiar machine tools to the home machinist.

The forth category is the workholder. These are usually the vises, chucks, pallets jigs and faceplates. The fifth category is called the toolholders, which includes the chucks, cuters and more. The last category are the cutting tools. These include the face, shell and end mills, core drills, turning tools and more.

The home machinist doesn't have to use all these tools but he should become familiar with most of them and be able to use them in his home shop. Many go to college to learn to machinist trade but others are able to pick it up by books and the Internet. This page is designed to assist the home machinist in finding the right tools and books to help his hobby or business thrive.

Here you will find all the tools you needs including the CNC lathe, machining, drill press, books full of instruction for the hobby machinists. Lathes, machinist calculator, handbook, and projects, training, metal lathe, working, metalworking, mini lathe, pen turning and more. How to use these machinist tools are covered in many of these instruction books.

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