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Ladybugs for Sale

Ladybugs for Sale Photo License

Live ladybugs for Sale. This is where you can purchase or buy ladybugs. Plus information on the ladybug life cycle, facts. Lady bug Infestation. Actually they are not real ladybugs but the Asian Beetle infesting your house. Ladybugs don't usually bite or try to get into your home.

Ladybugs are cute bugs that benefit your garden. If you are thinking of the yearly infestation some get each fall you are mixing up the Ladybug with the Asian beetle. Asian beetles look similar and are in the same family as the Ladybug but have white heads verses the black head of the ladybug. Notice the photo above of the ladybug and the photo here of the Asian beetle.

The Asian beetle is also called the harlequin ladybug and was brought to the United States in 1916 to help control aphids. They do help control the pests but can become pests themselves as they swarm houses after a hard freeze in the fall and try to get inside to survive the winter. These beetles sometimes bite and give off a noxious odor when disturbed.

Ladybugs for Sale Photo License

Ladybugs are called ladybirds in many other countries including some parts of the United States. They are considered lucky in some countries and some will make a wish when seeing one or take it as a sign that some wish will be granted soon. These beetles usually live between 1 to 2 years and lay their eggs in the warmer months.

One time I bought a bag of these cute bugs from the local farm and garden store and took them home to my orchard. I let them go on my fruit trees and watched in dismay as they flew away and disappeared into the distance.
I didn't realize at that time and the instructions on the bag should have told me that they will fly away as soon as they are released. I needed to wait until it was getting dark outside before releasing them. They are active during the day and will wait until the sun comes up before flying. However by the time they have spent the night in your garden they will be used to their surrounding and not just fly away. This will better your chances in keeping them around.

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