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Chain Maille Patterns

Chain Maille Patterns   On this page you will find patterns and supplies that will help you learn how to make your own chain maille. Chain mail patterns for beginners, chainmail pattern instruction, books, armor, for men, celtic, 4 in 2, kits and much more.

This photo shows my modeling the headpiece or coif that my wife made. She is the one who is put together the chain mail weave and spent the necessary time to learn this craft.

Photos below show some of the process in making chainmaille armor. My wife started with stainless steal wire and used a hand drill as the engine to spin the dowel that in turn spun the wire that wrapped the wire around the dowel.

The end result was a spring that needed to be cut into rings. The drill was used again to hold a tiny saw blade that was used for the cutting.

Find many patterns to choose from including step by step instructions in some of the books below.

Chain Maille Patterns

Chain Maille Patterns

  Here is where it all started. Notice the round piece that held the wire. To the right is where the rod was placed and the drill would spin the wire onto it.

Once the rings were ready they were gathered and placed into simple butter containers that are shown here on the table below.

Notice the pliers that were used to hold and mold each ring into the pattern.

Also a retro tape player and cassette tapes to complete the picture. Music will get you in the mood and add to the fun.

There are several books that have instructions to make your own plus supplies like rings to get you started in this interesting craft. An

excellent tutorial will make all the difference on the end product. Making chainmail armour is a fun hobby and you might even be able to sell your finished products.

There are several name for chainmaille like chainmail, chain mail and more. Which one is the correct one to use? They all have been used but the most common is chain maille.

On this page you will find chain mail outfits and instruction books. You should be getting into the act real soon.

Chain Maille Patterns

Chain Maille Patterns
Close up of the 4x4 Pattern
  This photo above shows the rings close up and you can see the 4x4 pattern that was used. This piece is fun to bring out whenever we have guests and quickly turns into an interesting conversation as folks ask what it is and want to hold it.

The feel is real smooth and has a nice weight to it. No aluminum here.

It is hard to find rings that are not made from aluminum. You probably have to craft it from scratch like we did in order to use rings from stainless steel.

Close up of the 5 rings that make up this pattern. This is the beginning of a new project and gives you a good feeling just to look at it.

There are several books that have instructions to make your own plus supplies like rings to get you started in this interesting craft. An excellent tutorial will make all the difference on the end product.

The photo to the right shows the finished product. Both shirt and head protection. (coif)

  Chain Maille Patterns

More Chain Maille Patterns and Kits Here

Museum Replicas Chainmail Chain Maille Patterns

Chain Maille for Sale

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In this parable the shepherd goes out to search for the one lost sheep-the very least that can be numbered. So if there had been but one lost soul, Christ would have died for that one. To read more click Lost Sheep

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